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Tokey Hill

Tokey Hill

Tokey Hill is a figurehead in both the martial arts and sports entertainment worlds alike. Known not only as a professional athlete, but an esteemed coach and promoter.  Tokey Hill has a unique and multifaceted insight into the intertwining worlds of competing, coaching, and promoting.

In 1980, Tokey Hill made history in Madrid, Spain, by being the first American to ever win the WKF World Championships; to date, he has won more international medals than any other karate practitioner in the United States.  Years later, Tokey Hill became the National Coach for the USKF. Soon, he was the Head Coach for the USA/NKF and ultimately advanced into the position of Coach’s Committee Chair.

In 1999, Tokey Hill became the United States Olympic Committee’s Coach of the Year due to his coaching performance at the 1999 Pan American Games in Winnipeg, Canada. Having 11 of his athletes go on to win nine medals, (five gold, one silver, and three bronze) Tokey Hill’s squad was named the Best Coached of the entire delegation.  After an unparalleled career as both a professional athlete and coach, Tokey Hill is moving onto the next phase in his personal and professional life. Currently pursuing a career in sports entertainment/promotion, he has already proven himself as among the most influential names in the business. Maintaining his ambition and competitive edge, Tokey Hill will once again prove his excellence by continuing to take sports entertainment/promotion to the next level.

Competition/Coaching Record:

  • WKF World Champion
  • All Youth Japan Karate Champion
  • Six Time National Karate Champion
  • Six Time All American
  • A.A.U. Athlete of the Year
  • Inducted into National Karate Federation Hall of Fame
  • Inducted into National Black Belt Magazine Hall of Fame
  • U.S.A. Coach of the Year
  • Two Time Gold Medalist Pan American Games
  • Guinness Book of World Records – First American to Win a Gold Medal at the Karate World Championships
  • Inducted into the USA-NKF Hall of Fame, Competitor’s Award.
  • Awarded Outstanding Technician at International of France, Paris, France
  • Bronze Medal, World Games, Santa Clara, California

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