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Every single contribution is a blessing in some child’s life. It is an honor and privilege to instruct the youth of Chillicothe, Ross County, and athletes from around the world. It is all made possible by the people and organizations that stand behind our work. To participate and experience these children’s transformations, first hand, into better stronger individuals with the ability to now stand up to peer pressure, the desire to avoid negative influences, and a chance to obtain their dreams is a gift that cannot be summed into words. Any contribution of any amount is welcome and we thank you for the children you are helping save. For those fortunate enough to donate more we have a few of sponsorship goals to obtain. (anonymity available at discretion of contributor)

  • Friend of Team Tokey Hill, ($250-500): Name listed on Sponsorship Webpage and on Wall of Sponsors
  • Supporter of Team Tokey Hill, ($500-1,000): Name listed on Sponsorship Webpage under Supporter and small plaque on Wall of Sponsors
  • Patron of Team Tokey Hill, ($1,000+): Name listed on Sponsorship Webpage under Patron and Top Tier Plaque in Wall of Sponsors
  • Sponsor Athlete Dorm Room, ($5,000): Room named after sponsor or organization, Listed on Team Tokey Hill Website under Major Sponsor, Logo on TTH Advertising, Logo Linking from TTH to sponsors website.
  • Sponsor The Training Hall, Dojo, ($10,000): All of the above plus corporate banner placed in the training hall!

I am interested in supporting Team Tokey Hill at the following level:

__Friend   __Supporter   __ Patron   __Dorm Room Sponsor   __Training Hall, Dojo Sponsor   __Other Amount____________




Phone:__________________   Email:__________________________   Date:________________________

Credit Card # / Expiration Date (please indicate Master Card or Visa):


If paying by check, make payable to: Team Tokey Hill and return with agreement to P.O. Box 719, Chillicothe, Ohio, 45601

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