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Karate at The Pioneer Center!

Team Tokey Hill is excited and proud to announce its partnership with The Pioneer Center located in Tokey Hill’s home town Chillicothe, Ohio. Tokey Hill has had many successful programs throughout his career whose aim was for those with physical and developmental disabilities.

Many champions face adversity, and this was true for Tokey Hill. His early life had no medals or honors.He grew up in a small town in Ohio in less than fortunate circumstances. An undiagnosed case of ADHD led to Tokey being labeled a “problem child.”He found some early success in sports, but even that was taken away when a high school football injury sidelined him at fifteen. Needing to work,he took a job cleaning a local Karate school. The Sensei there recognizedhis exceptional skills and soon gave him lessons in exchange for additional work. Soon, Tokey was winning tournaments.

 Tokey’s success in the martial arts enabled him to attend Ohio University on scholarship. He continued to fight competitively, specializing in the form of Shotokan karate.Tokey created a unique fighting-style combining traditional martial arts with advanced training methods. His ability to motivate himself and others was another key element in bothhis personal wins andhis National Team victories which now includes four world championships underhis coaching.

In 1983,Tokey created TOKEY HILL’S WORLD CHAMPION KARATE TRAINING CENTER.The internationally known school provides instruction in a broad range of karate styles as well as kickboxing and self-defense and has produced numerous national and international champions. Never forgetting his roots, Tokey continues to give his time and knowledge to those less fortunate. He founded the National Sports Training Foundation, Inc. in 1998 to develop projects for individuals with disabilities, including a martial arts program for the visually and hearing impaired.His training not only gives these individuals improved cardiovascular endurance, flexibility, and balance, but also an increased sense of self-confidence and security. The reaction to these programs has been overwhelmingly positive, and more and more visually and hearing impaired individuals are being trained at the Helen Keller National Center, and the Working Order of Retarded Children and Adults. Tokey is also especially active with at-risk youths and runs a program for the Big Brothers / Big Sisters of America.He continues to create community outreach programs designed to bring confidence, focus and physical fitness to children, adults, and senior citizens.

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