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The Police Athletic League (PAL) actually started back in the 1910’s. A gang of New York thugs harassing a shopkeeper tossed a rock through a window. That rock pioneered a new approach to juvenile delinquency prevention.

Lt. Ed Flynn of New York City Police Department heard of the frustration of the community and of the kids, saying, “Man, we ain’t got no place to play- nothing to do. The cops hassle us. We can’t even play baseball.” Lt. Flynn had insight enough to offer youth some attractive alternatives.

Hence, began the Police Athletic Leagues or PAL; Police involvement and supervision at places of play. Ball fields, classrooms, and playgrounds are utilized for activities that interest children. Police Officers as a friend, not as an enemy.

The PAL is a network of 1,700 facilities which serve more than one and a half million (1.5 Million) youth, ages 5 to 18, participating in PAL sports and activities. PAL is a statement to young people… particularly in less advantaged neighborhoods… that the community cares about them.

PAL provides a host of physical activities including archery, baseball, basketball, bowling, boxing, flag football, golf, track, tennis, racquetball, and more. PAL also provides a wide range of activities in performing and creative arts. These programs include music, dance, drama, art, crafts, photography, and others.

PAL is a volunteer-driven organization. Although many PAL chapters are sponsored by a law enforcement agency, it receives no direct funding from them and is dependent in large part on support from private sectors such as individuals, business leaders, corporations and foundations.

A crop of volunteers supports Police Officers. It is estimated that over 80,000 volunteers coach, chaperone, instruct, and entertain kids in PAL communities.

Cops and Kids together is what PAL is about. Together in activities where mutual trust and respect can be built, “Joining a Team, Not a Gang.”

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